All things Darren Criss, Klaine, other ships, Glee, general hilarity. Welcome and enjoy. NOT SPOILER FREE. NOT BY A LONG FREAKING WAY. I EAT SPOILERS FOR BREAKFAST. By the way, this is a second blog to my master account so I will probably answer everything anonymously for anonymity's sake. I still love you tho. BTW, I do NOT like and/or endorse fangirling activity involving Justin Bieber or One Direction (they inexplicably seem to overlap with McFly and Glee fandoms on here..?) but may occasionally use gifs of them to illustrate hilarity. Thank you, and goodnight.


I love your fucking everything, fandom.

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    MY THOUGHTS EXACTLY. Eternal creys that it’s a manip.
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    i wish i could manip like this. i was like wait, behind the scenes? did i miss this? why wasn’t this in the episode?...
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